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Current Queue Status

This picture represents the current status of the Queue for anyone looking at the page. This will let trasncriptionists know (internal and outsource) what the queue looks like without giving anyone access to it. (it can be updated manually by a supervisor or Judi alone using a back-end form and just putting in a number and not having to actually let anyone access the queue or the website).

The rest of this page can be used to have any permanent news, super big happenings, announcements that are not really appropriate for the news page etc.

Keep in mind, this whole site can be administrated by Judi (or someone of her choosing which she can give login permissions) by a very simple back-end using just forms. This can be done pretty easily with PHP but is beyond the scope of this simple example without instituting the necessary Databases (mysql is a simple easy one to use, but i'm sure NAH has their own they can offer for this project). All of the stuff can be manually udpated without allowing anyone access to stuff they shouldn't see or compromising account security or patient/doctor privacy concerns.